Charlottesville’s New Security Checkpoint

Charlottesville’s New Security Checkpoint

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According the to the TSA, 62 firearms and a cane sword were discovered in carry on baggage last week. In 2015 they discovered 2,653 firearms and a litany of other illegal contraband, such as this little guy:

EGE Inert grenade EGE 

If you are planning to fly out of Charlottesville with your favorite Smith & Wesson, you might want to think again.  Today, the Charlottesville regional airport unveiled their new state-of-the-art security checkpoint machine.  According to a release from the TSA, the Advanced Imaging Technology scanner detects passengers not just for metallic objects on their person but for nonmetallic objects as well.  

The airport also expanded the checkpoint area from 840 square feet to more than 2,600.  The new checkpoint is the latest addition to the airport’s Terminal Improvement Project featuring improvements and upgrades throughout the terminal including a new sit-down restaurant, new retail space, a new state-of-the-art exit lane and newly renovated restroom facilities. An additional overflow parking lot also has been added to accommodate extra vehicles.

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